Is AsiaLawNetwork.com free to use?

Yes, you can use AsiaLawNetwork.com for free! You are also not obliged to engage any lawyer you find on our platform. The only fees you pay will be to the lawyer, should you choose to hire one to help you.

How does AsiaLawNetwork.com work?

It's easy! There are only two basic steps:

  1. Use the selection filters - country, language, area of expertise, for example - to search for the specific legal help or lawyer you need.
  2. A Request For Quotation form will appear. Fill in the relevant fields indicated.
Now, wait for lawyers to give your their quotations based on your request. Choose the ones you prefer and start communicating with them!

Do the lawyers on the website work for AsiaLawNetwork.com ?

No. The lawyers listed on the site are not affiliated in any way with AsiaLawNetwork.com. We are merely the platform which enables you to communicate with them quickly and efficiently, based on your requirements. We also facilitate the payment of fees and other financial transactions that may arise should you choose to engage a lawyer with us.

How do you choose which lawyer to send the requests for quotes to? (if the user did not indicate one)

We don't. If you do not select a specific lawyer or firm to request a quote from, an algorithm will kick in which randomly selects lawyers based on your selection filters and criteria.

Do you provide quotes on behalf of the lawyer?

No, we are not involved in the practice of law. Our job is to be an effective bridge between users and lawyers. We are not privy to the lawyers’ fees and quotations so it is technically impossible for us to offer a quote.

Are the lawyers on the platform screened?

Yes, every lawyer on our platform must register with us and meet three criteria before they can be listed. They must:

  1. Be registered with the relevant Bar Association of their practicing jurisdiction
  2. Be employed by the company listed in their profile
  3. Not be or have been disbarred previously
For more information, visit our Terms of Use.

So I've connected with a lawyer. How else does AsiaLawNetwork.com get involved?

Once you connect to a lawyer or the lawyer agrees to offer a quote based on your request, he or she will engage you separately, outside of the platform. The lawyer will then indicate how you can both continue your relationship, either by getting you to sign a retainer agreement or some other means.
For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Your information will never be made available to the public in any way and will only be accessible to lawyers on the AsiaLawNetwork.com platform for the purposes of replying to a quote request. All private messages between you and lawyers are completely confidential and can only be viewed by you and your lawyers. However, your information may occasionally be accessed by members of the AsiaLawNetwork.com team for verification and quality assurance purposes, so we advise you to leave out anything that you would prefer to remain confidential or any information you don't feel comfortable sharing.
For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

How do I get started?

Click here!

How many requests can I send?

We suggest that you start by sending to only two to three lawyers. This will indicate to them that you are serious in your search and not shopping idly and aimlessly. Engage these lawyers when they reply. If, for some reason, they turn you down or you decide they are not the right fit, you can then start a new search for another two to three lawyers.

Can I pay my lawyer on this platform?

Yes, you can. The platform offers a suite of IT services, including online payment tools, for our lawyers to use when connecting with you. However, we recommend that you make payment only if you have met in person, signed an engagement letter and received an official invoice from the lawyer. We do not encourage payments prior to this.

Important note: The online payment gateways are linked directly to their bank accounts, and we do not hold or take any part of the money that is transacted via the platform. We do not assume responsibility for any fraudulent payments or errors made in the process of the transactions. Transaction fees published by the payment gateways are agreed terms between payment gateways and the lawyers themselves.