February 2016

Went over to get our neighbours onboard. Welcome Malaysia!
Explored Australia for opportunities and integration. We are coming soon.

January 2016

Held our first training session for Lawyers and Accountants to teach them how to use the tools such as the customised online payment gateway and customised integrated document management system on the cloud for firms use.

December 2015

Had our first Christmas celebrations at SE Village to support the challenged youths.

November 2015

Official launch of the platform in PHP, which was covered by Singapore’s main newspaper, The Straits Times.
We launched customised RFQ, right down to individual level.
Law firms from 9 countries signed up with us.

October 2015

Hired Sales and Tech team to support growth. We are happy to have a very multi-national/cultural team on board! Check us out!

July 2015

Got Patrick on board to be the CTO.

June 2015

Moved into our new office.

April 2015

Started development of version 2.0 in Ruby by Yanxiang, and Chet. Ready to go with the angel investors.

January 2015

Development of first prototype by ex-schoolmate who is currently in Boston with Google - Thank you!
Started to sell to law firms and gather feedback.

November 2014

Incorporated the company and hired the first people, our accountant to keep things in place and Kheng Hian to help us with administrative work.

September 2014 to November 2014

Development of first cut designs by Sharon and Thye.

January 2014 to August 2014

With the problem statement, we went out to research and gather feedback.