The platform has been useful in helping us garner an independent opinion on a specific legal issue we needed help with, and it has done so expeditiously. Kudos also to the team who has been responsive in finding the lawyer with the relevant expertise and walking us through the engagement process.  

Gabriel Lim, Programme Manager at Lien Foundation

 ALN is a multi-faceted platform that allows us to communicate directly with the potential client and vice versa. It is also a payment portal and an information resource, so it makes it easy for lawyers to get the information they need. 

Montague Choy, Partner at Clifford Law

 In the last 10 to 15 years, there have been quantum leaps in how technology has affected law practices. Our courts have moved to using an e-litigation system while our clients are now more tech savvy. The AsiaLawNetwork platform is helping lawyers be more effective in the way they work and communicate.  

Shashi Nathan, Partner at Withers KhattarWong

 The platform’s customized RFQ form makes it easy for a potential client to provide concise details of their legal needs. This helps us assess the job scope required and gauge expectations, reducing pre-engagement time. Also, as potential clients may be anonymous and confidential information is sieved, it reduces conflict situations.  

Yingyu Wang, Director of Via Law Corporation

 In the past, clients would reach out to us either by calling us or by sending us email. This still happens but with ALN, I would say communicating via email has become a lot more structured. This is because users are directed to a page where they are required to answer useful and relevant questions tailored by us. This immediately narrows down the job requirement to the basics and helps us to quickly assess the situation and what is required.  

Lee Ee Yang, Associate Director at Characterist LLC